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Before 295 Lbs Now 158 Lbs

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Tag a Friend You Want to Help Motivate 💕 Want to Make a Transformation Like This? Check bio for our Five Star, 90-day Transformation Program! 💪 Use #TransformFitspoCommunity for a chance to Get Your Transformation Featured ❤️️ @eff_being_fat "Hey chubby chicas 🙋🏻 Before & After time! Woop woop! Left is my heaviest of 295. Right is from yesterday, my lowest weight of 158 🙌🏻 a little recap for my new followers…. I had VSG gastric sleeve weightloss surgery November 2015. Lost a buncha weight in 1 year bla bla… then December 2016 I had plastic surgery to remove the excess skin and a breast augmentation. And now Ta-Da! I'm hot as a mothaaaaa 😇 It was a hard journey dude, I'm not gona lie. It was emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting. when I think back I wonder how I did it. I know that sounds weird but it was SO hard that when I think about it all, it makes me go "whoa… I was really that big and I really lost all this weight… how the hell did that happen?!" 😳 I get a lot of questions about the weightloss surgery and if I recommend it. The answer is: it's complicated. I recommend it if you're ready and willing to put in the work. Because if you're getting it done thinking it's a quick easy fast fix, you're wrong and you won't be successful. I know of a lot of people who had the surgery and didn't lose nearly as much as me or actually gained the weight back. So be prepared to work! If you aren't ready to commit, than don't do it. Because yeah, at first you'll lose 50-60 pounds, then your bad eating habits will emerge again, you'll stretch out your stomach, and boom your fat again 😒 that goes with any weightloss program though. Your journey never really ends. You will always have those bad habits in the back of your head and you always have to be careful to not slip back into them. So no matter what route you take, weightloss is hard! But good things don't come easy right? It's totally worth it! 🙌🏻 Love yall 💗"

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