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Welcome To this Site!

This site is prepared for the communities how to control their weight, what are the risks of obesity, why weight is increasing, what is average normal weight, etc. If you like to prevent yourselves  from hypertension, hemiplegia and numerous cardiorespiratory and metabolic diseases, please read this site.

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Health is wealth, you should try best to control your weight, don't allow to become obese or overweight. You should believe that obesity is father of diseases. In this site you can find very interesting and vital information about obesity control, causes, risk factors, dietary restrictions, exercises for weight control, etc.

مضامین دری ( Dari Posts – National language in Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan)


پښتو مضامین (Posts in Pashto - National language of Afghanistan)

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 Man working on the computer having a late night snack.

Surprising Reasons You're Gaining Weight (Slide Show)

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Healthy Dieting Myths and Facts (Slideshow)                

 Photo of woman doing deadlifts with hand weights.

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Worst Foods for Your Belly

 Photo of a man about to eat a fattening chocolate doughnut.


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